All About Adam

As promised…

When I initially watched the S4 ep “Jump the Shark,” I felt kind of sorry for Adam. I mean, how could you not? Here’s a kid of a hard-working single mother. His dad (and I use that term loosely) was almost completely absent from his life. Kid is minding his own business, studying to be a doctor. Then BOOM! He gets eaten by ghouls. To say that sucks is quite the understatement. I understand that John was trying to protect Adam from the kind of life Dean and Sam had, and I respect that. For all of John’s faults and shortcomings, I think he really did love his kids. He just didn’t do a particularly good job of showing it. But just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want or need them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything they’ve got. I think that is certainly true of John Winchester. But also,  Adam’s situation was different from the Winchester boys because he still had his mom. After Mary died, all Dean and Sam had was John. They didn’t have anywhere else to go and be kids. They didn’t have anyone to shield them from knowing about all of the things that go bump in the night. I’ve always believed that if John had someone else, anyone else, who could’ve allowed his boys to keep their innocence,  he would’ve left them there. John even said at one point in S1 that he never wanted the hunting life for his boys. Although we didn’t know about Adam at the time, I’m pretty sure that statement covered Adam too. The ghoul that replaced Adam wasn’t really Adam, so we didn’t get a chance to actually meet the REAL Adam until “Point of No Return” in S5.

“Point of No Return” is my favorite SPN episode. One of my favorite writers (Jeremy Carver) penned the ep. The brotherly relationship was perfectly handled. We got to see the fruits of 5 years of character development. It’s also one of the few times we get to see Cas share what he’s feeling. And most importantly, Dean kills Zachariah in one of the most awesome Dean Winchester moments ever. The only thing that I don’t like about “Point of No Return” is Adam. Now, I can understand being bitter that you were eaten by a ghoul. I mean, honestly. Who wouldn’t be a bit ticked off about that? I don’t fault him at all. I can also understand him wanting to work with the angels on their word that they would bring his mother back. I think we’re pretty much programmed to believe the angels because, well, they’re angels. But one of the things SPN has shown us is that the angels (most of them anyway) are worse than demons. But that’s another discussion. Let’s get back to Adam. I can understand his inclination to believe the angels. I don’t fault him at all for wanting to do whatever they told him to get his mother back. Who wouldn’t in that circumstance? But what annoys me about Adam is his attitude toward Sam and Dean. He acts as if the Boys were somehow responsible for his demise. He acts like they just left him out in the cold. He’s whiny and snarky, and not in any good ways. He doesn’t know a thing about how Sam and Dean were raised, and he just seems to assume they had more access to John than he did. The truth of the matter is that John was just as absent from Dean and Sam’s life as he was from Adam’s. Perhaps even moreso. John would leave the Boys in crap motel rooms or with hunter friends for weeks at a time while he was off chasing monsters. And judging from Dean and Sam’s conversations over the course of the series, John was apparently a pretty mean drunk. Dean and Sam barely had more of a father in John than Adam did. But does Adam know any of that? Nope. Does he even bother asking? Nope. Does he even care? Nope. Adam doesn’t know Sam and Dean. He doesn’t know what they’ve been facing. He doesn’t know the kind of men that they are. What as his deal? Was he jealous because he figured Dean and Sam got to spend more time with John? Was he directing his anger at John toward Dean and Sam? Or was he just being a whiny brat? Whatever his motivation, I was glad to see him go.

Well, that’s my short post about Adam. What do y’all think? Agree? Disagree? I’m interested to hear some different perspectives. Maybe I’m missing something. I’m always happy to reconsider my positions if presented with reasonable arguments. Well, that’s all for now folks. Until next time; peace, love, and joy to all. 🙂


Insert Witty Title Here

Hey guys! I know I promised to tell you all about my harrowing white water rafting trip, and I’m sure I’ll get to it one day. But it’ll have to wait. I’m currently doing a Supernatural series re-watch with my friend Richard who I just converted to the show (woot woot!) and we’ve just finished season 4. Season 4 was my favorite as far as overall story arc and individual character arcs for Dean and Sam. I also thought it was the best as far as story cohesiveness and solid writing. There is one thing that bothers me though. And it really becomes evident in season 5. Adam bothers me. And I’m going to leave you with that for now. I’ll discuss in my next post why he bothers me. But for right now. It’s late and I’ve had a long day. But I didn’t want y’all to think I forgot about you. I haven’t. Just been a bit busy. I’ll explain why Adam annoys me tomorrow.

Oh, one thing y’all should know. I’m going to be attending the Creation Salute to Supernatural Convention in Dallas this year, so expect massive amounts of fangirling during that weekend. I mean seriously massive amounts of fangirling. At the end of each night I’ll try to post a little bit of what happened, but I can’t make any promises about that. If history repeats itself, Dick Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen are gonna keep us at the karaoke party until the roosters start crowing. But I’ll do my best. Well, that’s it for now fandom family. Until next time, peace, love, and joy to all. 🙂

What’s with the hate?

I was going to talk about my white water rafting trip in this post. But I’ve changed my mind. I’ll tell y’all about my first time white water rafting later. Now I’ve decided to talk about something that has really been bothering me for a while. It’s something I don’t understand and something I feel is totally unnecessary. It’s also something that I’m only going to address one time because quite frankly, I don’t want to spend too much time on it.

I had the pleasure of watching The Brian Buckley Band’s new video for “I Am Human” featuring Jared and Genevieve Padalecki. Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not really a Brian Buckley Band fan. I heard them live at a SPN convention, and they just weren’t my cup of tea. That’s not to say that they’re bad, because they’re not. They’re just not my taste. That being said, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed “I Am Human.” Aside from Jared and Gen being in the video, the song itself was great. The song is beautifully sad, yet it also seems hopeful at the same time. Jared and Gen’s performances in the narrative part of the music video convey that message perfectly. I initially watched it because I wanted to support Jared, but now that I’ve heard the song, it really doesn’t matter to me that Jared and Gen were in the video. The song is what stuck. I still wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of The Brian Buckley Band, but it is fair to say that I am a fan of that particular song.

I guess you might be asking yourself, what am I bothered about if I liked the song so much? Well, what’s bothering me has nothing at all to do with that song or the video. What’s bothering me is that hate directed at Genevieve Padalecki. I watched the “I Am Human” video on youtube, and I was going to post a comment about how much I enjoyed the song. As I was skimming through the comments (the majority of which were praising the song) I saw some seriously hate-filled comments directed at Genevieve. I will not repeat any of the vile comments that were made, but it really bothered me that people would wish harm to her simply because she married Jared. Or that people would claim that her marriage is a sham and that she is somehow manipulating Jared. Now, I realize that Jared and Gen are grown-ups and they can take care of themselves, but the hate directed at Gen (and at Jensen’s wife Danneel too) is completely unnecessary. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jared and Gen at a Supernatural convention. I met Gen by accident because she was not participating in the convention events, but she was a very nice person. She was very humble and sweet. The same goes for Jared. In addition to being a pretty funny guy, he’s also very kind-hearted, humble, and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And as a fan of Gen’s work on SPN, it annoys me that people, who have most likely never even met Gen, would say such horrid things about her. It’s one thing to critique her performance as Ruby on Supernatural. I think that’s fair game. But it’s a horse of a different color to wish harm upon her and/or her family or to insinuate that she is somehow helping Jared to cover up being in a gay relationship with Jensen (despite all evidence to the contrary). I do not understand how someone can profess to be a fan of Jared and/or Jensen and be so hateful toward their wives. If you don’t think Genevieve and Danneel have decent acting chops; fine. That’s valid and that kind of criticism is something I think any actor/actress should be prepared to deal with when they make the decision to pursue that career. But I don’t know how anyone could (or even should have to) prepare to constantly be called ugly names, have your love for your spouse called into question, and be accused to trying to ride your husband’s coattails to success. I’m not defending Gen and Danneel. Like I said, they’re grown-ups and they can defend themselves. I am saying that the haters need to go away. All that hate and negativity doesn’t add anything of substance to the discussion. I guess I just have a problem with people being so unnecessarily ugly to each other.

Since I endeavor to end all of my posts on a positive note, I will say this. If you have a chance, check out “I Am Human” either at The Brian Buckley Band’s website (here) or on their youtube page (here). It really is a good song. I will still share my harrowing tale of white water rafting (and zip lining)  with y’all. You’ll just have to wait until my next post. In the meantime, let’s be kind to each other. You never know how powerful your act of kindness can be to someone else. Until next time, peace, love, and joy to all. 🙂

I Love You, Man

As all Supernatural addicts know, hellatus is, well, hell. So I’ve been anxiously awaiting October 3rd and the start of season 8. In the meantime, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for any scrap of information I can find about the upcoming season. Yes, I know I have a problem. Don’t judge me! 🙂 At any rate, I saw the articles a couple months ago talking about the young lady ( Liane Balaban) who will play Amelia, Sam’s love interest in season 8. Some SPN fans I talked to were thrilled about the idea of Sam gettin’ a little lovin’ in season 8. Others were upset about it because they didn’t want anything distracting from the Winchester brothers’ relationship. Clarissa over at TVOM wrote an article (which you can find here) posing the question: does romance have a place on Supernatural? That’s a complex question.

On the one hand, this show is built around the relationship between Sam and Dean. It’s really the heart and soul of the series. Whenever the story strays too far away from the brothers’ relationship, the show flounders. That’s part of the reason that season 4 is one of my favorites. There was a lot going on, but the core of that season was the crumbling relationship between Sam and Dean. So I can see the argument for keeping romance out of the story. But on the other hand, Sam and Dean need to be fully fleshed out as characters. Love and romantic attachments are a part of what make us human. Additionally, romantic love is different from brotherly love. So the interactions and relationships that the characters develop with romantic partners is a much different dynamic than they have with each other. In short, romantic relationships help to round out the characters. SPN’s format makes it difficult for the main characters to have steady girlfriends though. And let’s face it, these guys are pretty emotionally damaged so it would be very difficult for them to have a love life anyway.  However, I’m not completely opposed to the idea of a regular, recurring romantic figure on the show. I actually thought Dean/Lisa could’ve worked out like that. Yes, Dean is a hunter. Yes, it’s dangerous. Yes, Lisa and Ben became targets after Dean went to live with them. However, I’m still disappointed that the writers chose to end that storyline the way they did. Lisa knew what Dean did. She knew his life was dangerous. But she and Ben chose to love him anyway. When Lisa told Dean to hit the road again with Sam, I was actually kind of excited for how the storyline could’ve played out. I’ve always looked at Sam and Dean as soldiers, and the Dean/Lisa storyline really had the opportunity to show that. Lisa was really in the position of a soldier’s wife. Dean had to go halfway around the world (or in this case the country) to fight, and she had to keep the home fires burning. When he could take leave, he would go see her, and then it was back to the battle zone. I don’t know if it could’ve worked out forever. But I really wish the writers would’ve given them more of a chance. There was so much emotional ground to mine there, and so many layers that could’ve been added to Dean. For instance, Dean is always saying what a terrible person he is and how no one should ever want to be like him. Yet when you look at how he loved Ben and how he took on such a fatherly role with him, it’s completely incongruent with Dean’s feelings of inadequacy. Lisa was also a good equal for Dean. She wasn’t a hunter. But she was independent and she was a fighter. She didn’t let Dean get away with keeping her in the dark, and she never asked Dean to be anyone other than who he is. There was so much that could’ve been done with that storyline. I feel like Dean/Lisa deserved more than what they got.

I’m on the fence about Amelia. I think she has the potential to be a wonderful addition to the SPN story if she’s written and acted well. SPN has a reputation for killing off all the female characters. There’s some validity to that, but let’s be real. Supernatural kills off ALL the characters. Females aren’t unique. Supernatural has had some wonderful female characters on the show. My favorite to this point is Ellen. She was tough as nails, but at the same time, it was obvious she loved the Boys. She could handle herself and she was never the damsel in distress. Also, Samantha Ferris was awesome. Sheriff Jodie Mills runs a pretty close second for many of the same reasons. This usually gets me into trouble within the fandom, but I also liked Bela and Ruby. I liked Bela because she wasn’t a supernatural problem. She was human and caused human problems for the Boys. She was also quite resourceful and quick-witted. I enjoyed the back and forth between Bela and Dean. I’ve always believed that Bela suffered because she was introduced during the year of the writer’s strike, so TPTB weren’t able to devote as much time to her as they should have to flesh her out some more. I liked Ruby because that character created such a different dynamic on the show. She seemed like she really did want to help the Boys out (clear up until On the Head of a Pin) and for a while I really believed she was on our side. She helped to propel the season 4 storyline in a major way and I firmly believe season 4 wouldn’t have been as interesting without her. I just want to go on record as saying that I don’t think what Sam and Ruby had was love or romance though. He was stressed and vulnerable and she was manipulating him. However, their relationship revealed more about Sam’s character than we would’ve ever found out without her. The point is, all of the characters that I like on SPN are well written and well acted. If Amelia has those two qualities, and she can add layers to Sam, I’m all for having her around on a recurring basis. I don’t mean that I want her riding along in the back seat of the Impala or anything, but it would be nice for Sam to have a relationship with someone other than Dean. I actually think this could be good for Sam. Sam hasn’t really let anyone get close to him since Jessica died. Yes, he’s had a few relationships along the way ( I am totally not counting that whole Soulless Sam period because good lord he was a manwhore!) but for the most part, he hasn’t let anyone get close. I can’t say that I blame the guy. He opened himself up with Madison, and look how that turned out. I also think Sam is in a different place now. He’s older, more mature. He’s also spent so much time closed off from everyone else, I think he might be ready to try to let someone in again. Sam has always been the more hopeful of the two Winchester brothers. It’s not always worked out well, but he still hopes. Do I want Sam’s romantic life to turn into a major storyline? Of course not. But I would like for Sam (and Dean) to get some relationships outside of each other that are important to them.

Well, that’s my rambling for this evening. I’m interested to hear some of y’all’s thoughts about romance in the SPN universe. Oh, if you’re interested in reading some great fangirl articles, go on over to my friend Kelly’s blog (here) and check it out. She’s more of a fangirl than I am. 🙂 Until next time, peace, love and joy to all. 🙂

I Love this Fandom

The other day, my new friend Kelly and I were talking about how we fell in love with Supernatural. Kelly is a horror fan, so it was on her radar early on. Me, on the other hand. Well, I’ve never really liked horror all that much. So because Supernatural was billed as a horror show (airing on the then WB no less) I was expecting a lot of half-naked girls running around screaming while these male model-types with sawdust for brains crashed in and saved the day. So, no thank-you. I’ll spend my time doing something else. Well, I’m always willing to admit when I’m wrong and boy was I ever wrong about Supernatural. Yes, it’s a horror show, but it’s so much more than that.

I started watching Supernatural totally by accident when re-runs started airing on TNT. About 3 years ago, I fell asleep with my tv on, and when I woke up the next morning, Folsom Prison Blues was just coming on. I recognized Jensen Ackles from Dark Angel, and since I liked him on that show, I decided to give this new one a shot. I think it’s fair to say that SPN pretty much had me at hello. The writing was fantastic. The story was dramatic, yet humorous and a bit scary. But mostly it was Sam and Dean. They are what roped me in. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki don’t get nearly enough recognition and praise from their peers for the consistently outstanding work they do. The relationship that they have created on screen is something I haven’t seen duplicated anywhere else. There is obviously a lot of love between these two brothers, but at the same time they annoy the heck out of each other. That’s family. Their tough exterior and ability to find a little light in pretty dark lives really spoke to me. I also absolutely adored the fact that they played Alice in Chains at the end of that ep. I thought to myself, ‘no way is a tv show cool enough to play Alice in Chains.’ But, this is Supernatural we’re talking about, so of course they were. I skipped work that day and watched the second episode that aired, What is and What Should Never Be. That ep clinched it for me. That was the first time I teared up watching a tv show. I’d just met these characters, but already I felt so strongly for them; Dean in particular. I readily identified with the burden he carried as the oldest; feeling like his baby brother was his responsibility and his alone. I knew that he put on a strong front because he had to. He was the oldest and that was what was expected of him. He had to carry so much more than he was probably ready to bear, but no one asked him if he was ready. He was the oldest. It was his job to be ready. Yeah. I got Dean. After that episode went off, I sat for a minute to let it all soak in. Then I immediately went to the store and bought all available seasons (1-4) on DVD so I could watch from the beginning. I wanted to get to know Sam and Dean. I wanted to experience their journey. What started as something I did alone, in the quiet of my own home, turned into an experience I share with millions around the world. When I joined the Supernatural fandom, I joined a new family.

Joining the Supernatural fandom (from here on out, it shall be referred to what it really is, the family) was not something I expected to do. It was something that happened completely by accident. Much like my discovery of SPN in the first place. I didn’t used to have an easy time meeting people. I mean, I had friends. And they’re still my close friends to this day. But I didn’t like large groups. I still don’t actually. And I always felt out of place with people I didn’t know. Now that I think about it, that was probably because I was uncomfortable in my own skin for a long time. There are a number of reasons for it, but mostly I think it was just that I hadn’t really found the place where I belong. I was a reasonably smart black girl attending a predominantly white school in the south. Suffice it to say, I was too white for the black people and too black for the white people. One group judged me for participating in activities they considered “white folks stuff.” The other group oftentimes just flat out told me I didn’t belong, for one reason or another. I don’t want to start a back and forth about race relations, but it is what it is. That’s just something I had to deal with. And it was constant. I didn’t have a place where I felt like anyone really wanted to get to know me. No place where I felt like I could just be myself without being judged. Those insecurities and feelings of constant judgment followed me for a long time. All the way to college actually. But when I got to college I got serious about my faith, and that helped a lot. You know what also helped? Deciding to define myself and not let other people define me and tell me what I should or shouldn’t like or do. After that, I became a different person. I made a few more friends while I was in law school, and I found a place where I fit…for the most part. Enter the Supernatural family.

The Supernatural family is really a very unique entity. It’s really hard to verbalize actually. One of the things Kelly mentioned while we were talking is that she hid her fangirliness (yes, that’s a word because I just made it up) because she didn’t feel like anyone else would understand or accept it. It wasn’t until she said that that I started thinking about how I did that too. All of my friends know my love of movies, but I used to try to keep that on the down low. I didn’t want them to know the total tonage of movies and tv that I’d watched. Looking back on it, I don’t really know why. But my love of movies is eclipsed by my love of Supernatural. And I didn’t really understand that until I made the decision to attend my first Supernatural convention in LA last year. Other than my faith, I have never been as passionate about anything as I am about Supernatural. My mom kept asking me how I could be so addicted to a tv show that I would be willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money to attend a fan convention, and I told her (honestly) that I didn’t know. But I just knew I had to go. And as soon as I walked into the hotel in LA, I understood. I belonged. Other Supernatural fans greeted me as I entered the lobby and all I saw on every face was a welcoming smile. No one judging me for wearing my SPN shirt or calling me a dork for having seen every episode at least two dozen times. I saw people dressed in different character costumes and wearing personalized SPN t-shirts. Carrying SPN-themed tote bags. People walking over and saying hello and talking about the exciting weekend ahead. Over the course of that weekend, I started randomly talking to people while I was standing in line which is something I’d always been too uncomfortable to do before. But this was different. We started talking about this show that we love and found out that we have more things in common than just the show. I made new friends at that convention that I believe will be in my life forever. Just like any family, the SPN family doesn’t always agree about everything. We argue and fight with each other, but at the end of the day, we all love this show and the people who work so hard on it. I found a place where I belong, and I gotta say, it feels pretty darn good.

Just one aside. Another reason I love the SPN family is that I feel like we are making a positive impact on the world. All of the folks who work on SPN seem to be charity-minded, and it makes me proud to know that I’m a part of a family that raised over $40K for St. Jude’s Hospital. I’m a part of a family that has helped to raise money for and build an orphanage and a school in Haiti. I’m a part of a family that has raised money for animal shelters, children with Down Syndrome, performing arts programs, and so many others I can’t even remember them all. All our stars have to tell us is that there’s a need, and we’re there. It makes me proud to know that the SPN family is working hard to leave this world a better place than we found it.

Well, that’s entirely more personal than I intended to be, but oh well. It is what it is. Until next time, peace, love, and joy to all. 🙂

Campbell’s Soup? No, Thank-You.

Tonight I want to talk about the Campbells. We first met Mary Campbell and her parents in S4, and I actually kind of liked them. It was interesting to see a family of hunters that wasn’t necessarily dysfunctional. Samuel and Deanne seemed to really love each other and love Mary. Granted, we didn’t get to spend a great deal of time with them, but what we did see (before Samuel got possessed by the YED) seemed to be pretty normal. Even then it was clear that Mary didn’t want to be a hunter all her life, but I can’t say that I blame her. The average lifespan of a hunter isn’t very long.

Then came the Campbell clan in S6. Sigh. At first, I was kind of excited and thought there was great potential there. Sam and Dean met some family that turned out to be in the life too. I thought maybe, just maybe, the Winchesters would have some help. Their world was so small at the beginning of S6, so I was hoping to get some more good guys to help them out. My optimism didn’t last very long. Actually, it didn’t make it past the first episode. Let me address each of the Campbells one at the time.

Grandpa Samuel: This dude. Sigh. First of all, I understand that Mitch Pileggi has a pretty loyal following from his time on X-Files. I know this may take away some of my fangirl points, but I was never a big X-Files fan. I can’t really put my finger on why. I just never got into it. Therefore, I didn’t really have any expectations from Mitch Pileggi when he joined Supernatural. Let’s just say I was underwhelmed. He lacked any real presence or gravitas. He seemed to just be reciting the lines without giving them any real emotion. Then, there’s the writing of that character. It was just horrible. I think he was supposed to be a gray character since the S6 theme (such as it was) was supposed to be noir. But he just didn’t pull it off. He always seemed like a bad guy. He always came off as dishonest, self-centered, and downright creepy. And it wasn’t creepy in a good way like, say, Alastair. It was creepy like the grandpa who would sell you down the river to get what he wanted without giving a care of what happens to you. Oh wait. That’s exactly what he did. And it never made any sense to me. My question throughout all of that was, why? Yeah. Mary was his daughter and she was dead. It’s awful. But Dean asked a valid question: what exactly was he going to tell Mary? Was he going to tell Mary that she was going to have to suffer the same pain he was suffering knowing that her sons were dead? Was he never going to tell her that she had sons? Was he going to tell Mary that he’d made a deal with a demon to bring her back? Was he going to lie to her the way he had apparently been lying to Gwen about trying to kill Dean? He just wasn’t an interesting character at all.

Christian: I didn’t like him from the beginning. He seemed to have a beef with Dean from the jump, and it didn’t make any sense. He acted as if Dean was some slacker who wasn’t really a hunter. He even asks Dean at one point, “Where were you? I’m the guy whose been here.” I kept wanting Dean to look at him and say, “Where were you when I was saving the world, pal?” I think his fate was sealed for me after Two and a Half Men when he threw the fact that Dean tortured people in Hell in his face. Seriously? Maybe it’s because I love Dean so much, but Christian immediately put a bad taste in my mouth that never left.

Gwen: She actually had some potential, and I was hoping for her to be more. We haven’t had what I would consider a really cool female hunter on the show since Ellen sacrificed herself in S5. So I was hoping we would get that from Gwen, unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. We got a few glimpses of what could have been, but she was never given enough screen time to completely develop. I especially didn’t like the way she was killed off. It was another senseless death of a character that had potential to add layers and drama to the story.

Mark: Barely said anything. Barely did anything. Then BOOM. Dead. Adios, Mark.

In summary, the Campbells were a wasted opportunity. The Winchesters have suffered so much loss and have been so isolated for so long, I was looking forward to them finding some family to help out. If would’ve been nice to see a hunt like the one in S5’s 99 Problems in which the Winchesters, with the help of the church group, take out a nest of demons. I would’ve enjoyed seeing that with the Campbells from time to time. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t want the Campbells to hang around ALL the time or become a permanent part of the story. But I did wish they could be the Winchesters’ allies and folks that the Boys could trust to help. Alas, what we got was a mess of shallow, poorly written characters. They didn’t add to the story at all, and I was relieved when we were done with them. As I’ve mentioned before, S6 was rife with wasted opportunities, but I think the Campbells were the biggest.

Until next time: peace, love, and joy to all! 🙂