SPN 8.02 Review: You Can’t Buy the Word of God at Costco


This season of Supernatural has really hit the ground running, and I am very excited to see where Carver and Co. take us this year. I was surprised that this second episode dealt so much with the season-long mytharc because historically SPN’s second episode doesn’t really do that. I’m also pleased that Dabb and Loflin found their groove again. I was beginning to think they’d lost it last season, but this episode restored my faith in them. The writing was solid and all the pieces came together to create a very entertaining episode. A few of my thoughts:

1. Dean Winchester 2.0, you are one scary dude. I imagine surviving Purgatory would take its toll on a man. But this Dean Winchester is certainly not the man we’ve known for the last couple of seasons. This Dean Winchester is much more feral and reminiscent of Soulless Sam. That’s not to say that Dean is soulless, but he is much more willing to accept collateral damage than he was in times past. He’s also much less patient during interrogations and his people skills are very rusty. I understand he had to be that way in Purgatory, but the question now is how well is that going to serve him topside? You can’t treat people (even slimy ones like Clem) the way that you treat monsters. One thing that is also evident is how the hunting life has dulled Sam and Dean to death. Of course death affects them. But at the same time, they have what they consider acceptable losses. It sucks and they do carry those losses around with them, but at the same time they know that losing one to save a thousand is an acceptable risk. Dean was willing to make that sacrifice. Kevin was not. Speaking of Kevin…

2. Kevin’s decision to run off on the Winchesters is bugging me. I understand he was upset that Dean was about to kill his mom. That’s totally understandable. But first of all, that wasn’t his mom anymore. Secondly, leaving the Boys is not the smartest thing for him to do at this point. Actually, it’s a very dangerous thing to do. It show’s Kevin’s naivety and emotionalism. It’s not just Crowley that’s after him. Now there are all manner of other monsters/gods/demons/creepy crawlies that know he’s a prophet and they will be after him too. I assume he figures he can take care of himself because he learned a few tricks to protect himself from demons, but he doesn’t really know what’s out there. Also, what makes Kevin think that Dean is gonna toss him to the side when he’s of no further use? Because Crowley said so? And Crowley has been so honest with Kevin up to this point right? Dean is the one who came to look for Kevin in the first place. And Dean went looking for him not because he (Dean) knew about the tablet, but because he felt like Kevin was his responsibility and it was just the right thing to do.

3. Oh Castiel. You look so much worse for wear. And you broke my heart a little bit too. This episode finally gave us a little glimpse of what happened to Cas in Purgatory, and it doesn’t look pretty. I figured when Cas disappeared at the end of last season, it was to protect Dean. And Cas’s reasoning makes sense. In addition to wanting to protect Dean, though, Cas feels like he has to atone for his sins. Not just against humanity as a whole, but against Dean in particular. I said at the end of last season that Cas needed Dean to forgive him, and I think Dean has done that. I loved the conversation between Dean and Cas by the river. Basically what that conversation said was that whatever happened in the past is the past. All is forgiven. Of course, the ending put a lot of questions in my head. The major one is this: What if Dean and Cas were trying to go through the portal together, but the portal pushed Cas back into Purgatory and sucked Dean through? I don’t think Dean willingly left Cas. Especially not after promising not to. When Dean Winchester makes you a promise, he keeps it.

4. I think I might have a bit of a girl-crush on Mrs. Tran. She was absolutely awesome. And let me just say, she got that tattoo like a boss! And I laughed out loud when she clocked Crowley. I really like her character and I’m glad that TPTB decided not to kill her off. She is a wonderful addition to the Supernatural universe, and I hope that she shows up again.

I loved this episode, and season 8 is off to a fantastic start. There are enough questions answered that I don’t get overly frustrated. But for every question answered, there’s another one presented. I love the fact that I honestly have no idea where the show is headed. It’s exciting!


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