Curse You Hellatus!


Hello my fellow Supernatural Junkies! Ordinarily I post reviews on Thursday, but since we’re on winter break (*insert curse word here*) there’s no new show to review. However, Clarissa over at TVOvermind got together with some other writers/Supernatural fans and did a fantastic mid-season roundtable discussion article. You can find her article here, and I encourage all those interested to read it. They do a great job of breaking down all the character arcs and discussing what has worked and what hasn’t thus far. I would throw my two cents in, but they pretty much said everything I would’ve said. So do yourself a solid and go read it.

Also, I’m working on an article about Benny that I hope to publish before the show comes back in January. I really like Benny as a character and I think he’s been a great addition to the Supernatural universe. I also like the fact that Benny is being used as a mechanism to get the Winchesters’ issues out in the open in the hopes they can FINALLY deal with some of this crap. I’m collaborating with a few other folks on this article, so I’m working around their schedules. I think it’ll be good though, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, try not to be too bummed about hellatus.

Happy Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Happy Kwanza. Happy Holidays  and Merry New Year!


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